The Bow-Wow Business

Pets are stress relievers; especially the dogs. Since long time, dogs are identified as human’s best friend. With their faithfulness, care and love, they have found shelter in almost all the households. Dogs are children’s best friend too. How many times have we been awe-struck, by those many videos of dogs playing and caring the child/children of the household they belong to? Having fed those stray dogs many a times we are mind-blown by their remembrance and friendly tail-wagging.

Owing to the increase of petting dogs, lot many researches are carried out these days to identify the impact of these cute cuddly animals on their owners. Out of these researches, a significant research study is the one carried out by the University of Arizona. The initiative, orchestrated by University of Arizona’s Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative which is a part of Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth and Families, under the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences focusses on the health benefits of dogs on human beings. This collaboration which involves University of San Diego too, interests on whether the dog contributes to the growth of good bacteria called the ‘Probiotics’ in the human beings. The Probiotics are one of the essential factors of healthy immune systems; also, the key factor of effective digestion in human beings. The research is carried-out on adults over 50 years of age and had not been in contacts with dogs recently. By allowing them to closely mingle with dogs, the research will try to focus on its effect on immunity pre and post exposure.

Researches of these types still encourage many to be a dog raiser. Hence the dog care business is now a sure-shot money-making business. If you are a dog lover, with patience, dedication, love and imagination and planning to own a business of your own, the dog care market is a prospective one.

Types of dog care business

As the need and situation of people widely differs, one can offer varieties of business with respect to dog care. The followingare the common needs of dog raisers,

  • Dog nursery
    This is a boon to working people, which allows them to drop their dogs in a safe location and pick them up later. This business can fetch a lucrative sum of money owing to the area and different flexible options offered.
  • Dog walking
    On busy days, when people couldn’t afford time to take their dogs on a walk, dog walkers come to the rescue. This dog walking business can be charged on an hourly basis. By combining two or three dogs that require this service, one can earn a considerable amount per hour.
  • Dog sitting
    When people have to attend a function, party or gathering, they rely on the service of dog sitters to take care of their dogs.
  • Dog trainer
    If one’s a certified dog trainer, he/she can earn money by disciplining the dogs. Almost all who owns a dog would require this service, as a disciplined dog will save lots of mess around the home.
  • Dog’s fabric/toy designer
    These days, dogs are treated in par with one’s kids. Hence, people spend time in getting outfits, toys etc. for their dogs. If you a little creative then this will be a unique money-making business.

To be successive in any business, dedication, honesty and creativeness are crucial. To avoid any untoward incidents, insure the business. Check with the licensing firm on the licenses required to own a dog business. Also have a clear contractual agreement with clients, elucidating various clauses that would save one from any unpleasant eventualities.

Finance options for dog business

All of these businesses require money even if you are planning to pursue it alone or open a franchise with people for assistance. One can consider the following options for fetching money on loan,

  • Financial help from family and friends
    The dog business like dog walking requires little financing like, advertising (notices), buying some dog care accessories etc. One can get financial help from friends and family, of course, on loan basis. Even though the loaned person can understand a delay in payment during emergencies, it is always best to make the payment on-time to continue a healthy relationship.
  • Credit cards
    One can avail the Credit card maximum limits for smaller amount of finances.
  • Banks/Credit Unions
    These are the first options that come to mind while one is need of financial help. Although, lots of paper work is involved to avail help, when the money required is huge these are the best bet.
  • Private Financing companies
    These companies might be lot easier to deal with than banks. But, thoroughly read their policies to save one from any hidden payments. Also, check the authenticity of these companies before opting for one.
  • Trading Online
    By trading stocks or binary options online you might be able to make big profits and therefore start your dog-orientated business. Using Binary Option Robot will make your revenue even bigger and make you feel more safe about your investment too.

If you don’t own a dog or the dog care business is not your cup of tea and yet trying to contribute to the welfare of dogs owing to the love for them, donation is the best option. There are lots of non-profit organizations working towards the welfare of dogs. Also there are other social organizations raising dogs. Donations to these institutions would highly help them in raising and taking care of dogs effectively.